Cybernetic Organism


Cybernetic Organism

The role of technology in our daily lives


Winner (Wood pencil), D&AD New Blood Awards (2016)


Capture dramatic narrative in everyday reality (shutterstock)

Art Direction




“Stories make us what we are, remind us of when we’re at our worst, and celebrate our absolute human best. For me, it’s the only way to communicate.” —Dan Germain, Head of Creative, innocent

For this brief, I was tasked with creating provocative and meaningful imagery to evoke real moments, interactions and relatable stories. I had to look to unexpected places, find the dramatic in the seemingly banal, the emotion and humanity that underlies the routine of our daily lives.

In a fast- moving, digital world, having the time and space to unfold a story is a luxury not often available. How do [we] distil the essence of it down to something that can be captured in a single moment?

Cybernetic Organism (the term is the origin of the word 'cyborg') is a series of surrealist self portraits that reflects on technology usage in our society. In our constantly plugged-in world, the line separating our technology and our physical bodies is becoming increasingly blurred. By physically bonding some of the technologies I use on a daily basis with my own body, I raise the question: how deep has technology penetrated into our lives in the 21st century?

I decided to utilize self-portraiture as the medium, as it serves as a self-reflexive exercise, rendering the images more personal. My process included creating the photographs, before using Adobe Photoshop to stitch different images together, creating these unusual but captivating surrealistic images.

How deep has technology penetrated into our lives in the 21st century?

My response was selected as a winning entry from the D&AD New Blood Awards as of April 2016.