Whose photograph is it, anyway?

For one of my final projects in an undergraduate Multimedia class, I explored the ideas of authorship as well as peer-production in photography. Specifically, I wanted to ask the question: in a highly collaborative environment (which the creative industries are moving towards), who gets to receive credit for the artwork created? For instance, in my project I held a photoshoot. Here, there were multiple people involved. There is a model, a person setting up the shooting area (such as lights), a person holding the camera and framing the photos (without pressing the shutter), and a person who clicks the shutter release button. In a scenario like this, who creates the photos? Who owns it? Is it the person who sets up the environment and all the camera settings? Is it the person moving around framing the photographs? Or is it ultimately the individual who presses the shutter release? All of the above? There is no definitive answer—but the result of this experimental photoshoot is quite spectacular and interesting. Take a look below: