All About That Gaze - A Meghan Trainor Parody

All About That Gaze – A Parody

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All About That Gaze - A Meghan Trainor Parody

"All About That Gaze" is a parody music video made for Communication Studies 2C03 (Communication Theory) at McMaster University, Hamilton. My contributions to this project were songwriting, song production and art direction.

Group Members: Christina Caldi, Marco Gugliucciello, Jason Lau, Kelly Sovereign

Starring: Kelly Sovereign, Christina Caldi, Rachel Connell, Logan Madill, Abhinav Narayanan, Cassandra Taylor, Maha Moin Butt, Will Geigl.

Cameo Appearances: Prof. Christine Quail & TA Nimisha Dubey

Main Vocalist: Amy Champahom

Technical Producers: Marco Gugliucciello, Jason Lau, Surinder Gill

Media Theorists/Theories referenced: Laura Mulvey (Male Gaze), Angela McRobbie (Teenage Femininity)

Background track: “All About That Bass (Cover Instrumental) [In the Style of Meghan Trainor]” by Platinum Instrumentals

Some video stills and references in this video are from "All About That Bass" by Meghan Trainor.

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