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Liminal: a Street Photography Project

LIMINAL: A Street Photography Project

"Liminal" is a photographic series exploring my reintegration into Canadian society after 8 months of studying and living abroad in Europe. After a whirlwind of seemingly surreal experiences ranging from the hustle-bustle of working in Central London, UK, to the sandy isolation of digging at an archaeological excavation in Greece, I have found myself back in this eerily mundane neighbourhood just outside of McMaster University in Hamilton, Canada.

This series of 10 street photographs is a re-discovery of a place I have supposedly known for almost three years before I left the country in January 2016. It is a result of me not being lost but also not being found, either — the poignant feeling of being an outsider in a place which is supposed to feel like home. It is an attempt in navigating through the growing ambiguities that come with growing up in continually different worlds. Lastly, it is an encapsulation of a place and its people that are not exactly fleeting, but well far away from being permanent.